Monday, August 05, 2013

Morning walk photos

I've dropped off on my photo project because I got busy, and I also found that some of the prompts were repeating. I haven't given it up entirely, just haven't had much enthusiasm for it in recent weeks.

I did, however, snap a few pics along my morning walk last week.

I wish my camera could actually capture what I'm seeing. The raised peninsula is the Nature Park, and the water in front of the raised area was still and glassy. Must have been high tide for it to have been that smooth.

A tanker in the middle, and a cruise ship coming in to town on the left.

These two seagulls (I like to think they're the same two) seem to love sitting on this roof most mornings. I picture them as Frank and George, having their morning coffee.

Another attempt to get a shot of the cruise ship, in the middle of the shot. I had a better angle a couple of weeks ago because I was walking an hour later when the ship was closer, but the shot was poor quality from my phone.

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