Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New cat buddy

I take walks on my lunch hour around the neighborhood near my office.  I often run across cats, but lately hadn't seen my usual white/orange cat buddy from last summer, nor has the all-orange cat made many appearances either.  Today I met a new cat buddy on my walk.  I called her over (assuming female, but wasn't sure), not expecting anything, but she ran right over.  Very sweet and loving, and her markings are really nice.  She really enjoyed my petting.  At one point she even got up on a higher part of the wall, jumped up on her hind legs and put her paws on my shoulder, and rubbed her head on me!  I would have taken her home in a heartbeat.  She looked well-fed enough to have a home, though.  She walked down the street with me for a while, but stopped around the end of the property, so likely belongs to the house I was walking past.

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