Monday, November 28, 2005

Blah blah, blah blah blah

Yeah, not really feeling the blogging this past week. Pretty much all I had to say was whining and complaining, and I wasn't looking for any comments, so I've been keeping to myself.

In short: Christmas sucks. Wish it was still about Jesus' birthday and people still went to church.

Concert: was great. I sat down the whole time, but that does not mean I had a bad time. It was a more introspective concert, with Bono doing a lot of speaking about poverty. Highlights for me were "Until The End of the World" (which is just a great song anyway), the dedication of "Stuck in a Moment" to Hutch, and the closing with "Bad", where Daniel Lanois joined the band on stage. Great show. Can't wait to get the DVD now, but have to wait because it's on my xmas list. If I don't get it for xmas, I will pick it up at some Boxing Day sales.

I came home to find that mine is the only house in the court that does not have any outside xmas decorations. I don't own any, not yet anyway. I have the colored spotlights to put up, at least. It will save on electricity. This weekend coming up will be decorating weekend. With the wedding fast approaching (less than 2 weeks away), I am running out of time in which to get things done.

I had my dress fitting for the wedding. Here's a picture of the style. It's close to this color, actually. There's beading on the top section, which is satin, that you can't see here very well. We have matching satin shawls because it will be cold. Somehow I don't think that will help me in the heat dept, but at least it'll look nice. The bottom part is a crepe kind of fabric. I like the dress, and hope I have some kind of event to wear it a second time.

Did some shopping while I was in Montreal, but not as much as I would have liked. I went armed with a list and ideas, but just couldn't find what I was looking for a lot of the time. Sold out, picked over... the usual for this time of year. I came home last night and ordered 2 presents online, hopefully they show up in time. I still need one last big blitz in order to get the bulk of it finished. I am contemplating skipping class tomorrow night and getting that done instead. Tuesday night is a better time to shop than Saturday.


For The Loft Report, I'm Pete Jones. said...

I was sooo pleased to see that someone still believes that "Jesus is the reason for the season".
Very cool :-)
Allow me to be the first to wish you and those reading this a very merry Cristmas season.

For The Loft Report, I'm Pete Jones. said...

*opps- Christmas

Scott M. said...

As this tract points out, the date is not so much to do with Christ's birth as the early church wanting to usurp a popular pagan tradition. True, the guy gets a little hysterical at the end, but I think the bulk of it is supposedly true (although I had read that Christ was actually born sometime in February, not Septmeber, but really, who knows?)

In any case, people celebrate this time of year for all kinds of reasons, some of which would be Jesus-approved and some of which would not.. and some of which would be church-approved and some of which would not.. and those two sets do not necessarily intersect.

Rosyphant said...

Let me know if you're up for shopping tonight, perhaps going on a week night will be less busy :)

For The Loft Report, I'm Pete Jones. said...

Hi Scott.
No one ever said that Dec. 25th was the "actual" birthday of J.C., but, it's the only "marker" that the world has. The same thing goes with Easter. The whole faith thing is just that... Faith!
I dunno... I guess we will all find out soon enough though.
PS: I think the reason people have a problem with Christianity is because it is soooo simple that a child understands it. The whole doctrine can be summed up with, "For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son...".
I do wish you a very Happy Holidays :-)