Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chipping away

I am slowly but surely chipping away at the list of xmas presents I must buy. Bought a few more yesterday on my lunchhour, and hope to pick up one more tonight, for my nephew who is 5. I want to get him something non-action figure or gun-related, as his mother doesn't like him having those types of toys. I'm not his parent, so I abide by her rules, but I am not a huge fan of the action figure or gun market anyway.

I am looking at getting my nephew some kind of active toy. My brother suggested that he might really like one of these, as he's always trying to bounce on other balls that aren't made for that purpose.

I also saw a very neat thing called the Fun Roller, which looks pretty cool

I feel pretty good about getting my nephew presents like these. Sometimes I feel like kids just can't be kids anymore. The simpler the toy, the better. You get to use your imagination, instead of having someone else's imagination forced on you, like watching TV. You could imagine you are in the Bouncing Ball Championships, and you're racing to the finish line! Or, you're the tire on a truck that is driving down the road. You get to exercise your body and your brain.


Micah White said...
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Micah White said...

I'd love to have a Fun Roller. I'd roll into work, and then roll over Anthony.

(Visuals pop in my head).

Sweet !

PS I deleted the last comment due to typo.

mare said...

the fun roller did look fun, but you want to make sure his folks have backyards it can be used in.

i love educational toys. i have to buy something for christmas for someone too! :)

Cyn said...

I totally agree about the presents. As the aunt you get to buy the really fun stuff - stuff that other people kind of roll their eyes at, but the kids end up thinking are the very best! Just ask L'il K who her fave presents are from. LOL

canadianicewolf said...

I'm with Mare - the roller one woudln't be great unless they have a large backyard (and a helmet). :) the ball thing seems more like something he could use to sit on while watching TV, etc.

Lisa said...

Do you those bouncing ball things come in adult sizes, because, man, that would be sweet. ^_^

spirtswoosh said...

Ahh who needs a hamster when you can just put a child in a fun roller. I know somewhere there is a hospital report about a drunk parent that thought they could surf the water in one of these and of course failed...oh yeah but fun for kids.