Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's Official

Tonight I booked my flights for my visit to SoCal in February. I leave on Feb 3rd (Friday) and come home on Feb 12 (Sunday). Had to make sure to get that $750 exemption in, since every store I can imagine is "right across the street." Hope I win the lottery by then. John will have to work some of that week, leaving me alone to go shopping. Dangerous. Very dangerous.


John said...

And I can't wait!!

mare said...

it could be worse, liz, you could have jenn with you. ;)

shopping-wise, i mean.

i'm sure you'll both have a wonderful visit.

liz said...

It's all part of his plan. Get me down there, I go broke, then I can't leave. Ingenious, really. :P

Chris L said...

John is a crafty guy, I probably wouldn't have thought about getting you to spend all your money. February is beautiful and sunny in So Cal, just like 10 other months of the year, I don't include June because it always has that damn gloom. I take it personally because it interferes with my Skydiving!

canadianicewolf said...

Gllom in June in SoCal?!?! Shocking!! Almost as bad as fog in July here! :P

Glad you got things booked so you have specifics to look forward to - including xmas and February!! Awesome.

I think the spend all your money plan is hysterical!!!


Lisa said...

As long as you have time to karaoke. :-P