Monday, January 22, 2007

Identity crisis

One L. Two Ss. It's really not that f***ing difficult.

This happens to me too often for it to be a typo or bad luck, and it's usually the same people over and over again. People just don't give a crap how they spell my [real] name. I think that's rude. It's especially annoying to see my name incorrectly spelled when 2 lines above the body of the email, in the To box, the email server has correctly resolved my name and displays it. Hey, shit-for-brains, look up! See that name? Yeah, that's how you spell it!!!

I have enough trouble with my last name as it is. Having my first name misspelled just adds to it. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Seriously though, how do you handle these people who don't seem to give a crap? I want to, but can't, be unprofessional about it at work. I am, however, incredibly sick & tired of seeing my first name get mangled. I've come to expect it with my last name, but come on -- my first name is not difficult, and the company address book can tell you how to correctly spell it. Any suggestions?


mare said...

i dunno, and i've been dealing with it my whole life too. both names, as you know.

even shortened to mare, people still dont get it right. and some pronounce it maaahre.

frustrating as hell, isn't it?

scum said...

Just reply to their email politely saying that you think they have misdirected their email. You are not 2ls 1s, but in fact 1l 2ss. :)

Then ignore their request til they get it right.

That's what I'd do.

Cyn said...

People have difficulty spelling my name, but mostly I let that slide since generally they get it right phonetically. However, what really grinds me is how Cynthia gets smashed to bits into Sinithia, Samantha, Sylvia, Elvira, Amanda, and all sorts of other really random things! I have even spelled out my name to people who don't seem to understand what I'm saying... and then they'll come back with... ok, right then, Amanda. OMFG!!! It drives me nuts. I feel your pain!

liz said...

Yeah, I didn't even touch the issue of how many times I get called Michelle or Melanie.

Lisa said...

I feel your pain. I'll often spell out my name on voice mail messages I leave too. I'll get Liza, Lissa, Leesa. Flowers, Fowler, and Flour. (Flour cracks me up though. :-P)

Scum's idea may be the best...

Some poeple just don't get it.