Friday, January 19, 2007

Lonely finger

If you see me not wearing my engagement ring, it is just because I dropped it off for sizing yesterday at itaCast in Moncton. I've had it for 10 months now and it has been loose all but a couple of days during that time, so I decided it was time to have it fit me a bit better. Unfortunately when I sized myself initially, I didn't take into account that it needed to fit more snugly -- until now I'd never worn a ring on a regular basis.

It may take 2 weeks to finish the sizing, but I trusted getting it done there instead of locally. They do all of their own work on-site so it doesn't get sent away, and it was cheaper because that was where we bought the ring initially. If anything ever did happen to the ring during sizing, dealing with the store that sold it to us, they would be more likely to help us out.

I've never been a ring person, but I adapted quickly to wearing my engagement ring. It feels odd now when it's off my finger. I'm wearing my high school grad ring right now so I don't fall out of the ring-wearing habit. I keep doing a double-take though when I look down and see the crest instead of my diamonds & sapphire. :)

If anyone is looking for jewelry, I recommend going to itaCast. They have good stuff, and the prices are better than anything else I've seen. They'll even build something based on a picture or your own design. I'm glad I followed Jenn's recommendation. :)


Rosyphant said...

Glad to hear you're getting it sized; it'll feel so much better when you get it back. You should take a look while you're there to see what a similar wedding band will look like with it and talk to them about making it fit around and into your current ring.

mare said...

well, you both have beautiful rings, so that says a fair bit for their quality.

Chris L said...

Rings have always been uncomfortable for me, but Cynthia has made this one worth wearing. I still can't sleep with the ring on since I have a fear that my hand will swell during the night and I'll end up at the hospital.

Cynthia needed her ring to be resized as well.

Lisa said...

*cough* Anthony *cough*