Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weird USB Drives

You all know how much I love stuffed animals, and how I can't stand to see them in "pain" to the point where I am unable to eat food shaped like animals. The pics below are of the winner of the top ten weirdest USB drives of 2007, according to fosfor gadgets.

I admit, the bear is cute, but the fact that you have to remove its head in order to use the drive... I find that a bit disturbing! I'm trying to pretend that this bear is just sticking his head in the USB port to look for something. That takes my mind off the fact that his HEAD WAS REMOVED. Poor bear!!!!


Lisa said...

That's pretty wacky. Cute though. I figured it did have its head removed, but it does just look like he's looking for something. :)

Lisa said...