Thursday, February 08, 2007


A few days ago, when I was at a remote location, I replaced some equipment.  On the old equipment I wrote "GARBAGE" with a Sharpie and left it by the door, since it wouldn't fit in the garbage can.
This morning I picked up a voicemail from someone at that location asking me if they should throw it out.  Apparently I wasn't clear enough.
*bangs head on desk in frustration


Chris W. said...

Ow ow ow. Stuff like that makes my head hurt. How I hate the terminally dumb.

liz said...

Your statement makes that even funnier, because the equipment in question was a dumb terminal. :D

Lisa said...


People can be so stupid some times. We had an instance at work where a customer called into our inbound line freaking out because she had been told her toner was chargeable (ie: she had to pay for it). Why was she upset? She didn't have anything to charge the toner with. :-P We laughed for hours on that one.

John said...

Now add the fact that we have to write both "Garbage" and "Basura" on everything here-- we can see stupidity multiculturally! Yay!

Or the fact that my recycle bin actually says "No Basura/Trash" and every morning I have to pick trash out of it.

Grrr... People Are Stupid.