Thursday, February 08, 2007

Week of broken items

Yesterday the ABS warning light came on in my car. Not wanting to mess with my brakes, I took it in to be looked at today. The good news is that nothing is wrong and I am driving around safely. The bad news is that the speed sensor needs to be replaced in order for the light to go out. That sensor does not come separately, of course, but as a part of the whole wheel bearing assembly. Even after my discount, this will cost me over $400. I can ignore the light, but my lease is up in 3 months and I have to turn the car back in without problems like these. I still haven't done anything to fix the cracked front bumper, which will be an even more expensive problem. I just replaced a different wheel bearing a month ago. No more 4 year leases for me -- next time I am going to purchase or make sure my warranty is the same length of time as the lease.

My zipper also broke off on my winter jacket. This has been a pain in the ass the last few days. Now I'll have to get a new zipper put in it, which is annoying because I'll have to be without it while I drop it off to be fixed. It's just never the same when you have to rip open the original seams and re-sew a new area.


Lisa said...


Where were you planning on taking your coat? Julie does a good job with stuff like that, and she's just on the west side by the Lawtons.

liz said...

I was indeed planning on taking it to Julie. I was going to see if I could find the exact zipper I wanted for it at Fabricville first. I may leave it in for fixing while I'm away... I won't need my winter coat next week. :)