Thursday, February 08, 2007


I am posting in chunks today, as the thought of a mondo update has been keeping me away from blogging.  So, small updates it is.
The only good side effect of the extreme cold is that my basement has not flooded again.  My Dad hasn't had the time to come over and start ripping up cement to make a big enough hole for the sump pump.  He is actually in Ontario getting cataract removal surgery today.  I hope he makes out ok.  They do one eye today and the other eye next month.
I did put a dent in some of the reorganization I needed to do in the basement.  I sorted and sifted through my stuffed animal collection, picking out animals which I feel could find a better home than in a box in my basement.  I hate giving animals up, which is why I am still left with 5 large plastic bins full of them, plus the animals I keep upstairs.  I sorted them and put them into a different bin depending on the type: my oldest animals, which I am keeping for sentimental reasons; my Beanie collection, and miscellaneous animals which I want to keep but aren't necessarily part of a category.  I ended up with a box of animals which I couldn't remember who gave them to me, or they didn't really hold any significance, so I decided to donate those animals to another home.  DARE is always looking for donated animals to give to children, so that is where I send them since my Dad's company is involved with the program.
By the time I was finished sorting and putting the animals into the bins, my label maker ran out of tape.  I bought new tape but haven't yet made it back down to the basement to label the last bin and begin the even larger project of sorting through my books.  That's the next step in the process.  A lot of these boxes haven't been sorted through in any kind of detail since I moved into my house, almost 3 years ago.  Some books have been boxed for even longer than that.  Should be interesting to see what long-lost items I find.
This is also a necessary step to make room for a large comic book collection which will need storage space in the [hopefully] near future.  Plastic bins are nowhere near as fun for Caly to pee on.  :)

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