Thursday, February 08, 2007


I dropped my engagement ring off to be sized on Thursday January 18th. They said it would likely take two weeks, but they would call if it was done earlier. I left them my work phone number, since their operating hours were 10-6 during weekdays and 10-4 on Saturdays.

They called and left a message on Friday January 26th that my ring was done early... but they called at 5:40pm and I had already left the office. Since that was the only number I gave them, the message sat on my voicemail at work until Saturday at 3:30pm, when I happened to stop in my office and pick something up. By then it was too late to drive to Moncton to get it. I cursed myself for only leaving one phone number, for not thinking to check my work voicemail from home, and for a rare time where I didn't stay late at work and would have been here to get the call.

Last week was insanely busy. In order to be to Moncton before 6pm, I would have to leave work at 4pm. There was no way I could leave early last week, and also, strange as it was, there was no work reason to go to Moncton. I debated driving up on a few different nights, first Friday, but then I saw the forecast was for snow. I thought about Wednesday, but I couldn't leave early. Finally, I resigned myself to getting up and going on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse and at the last minute, the forecast changed and the weekend storm again prevented me from going. Still cursing myself at this point, and starting to go insane... I don't have John here, this ring is all I have, dammit!

Finally, this week on Monday, I decided I was leaving work at 4pm and driving to Moncton come hell or high snowbanks. It was a pretty windy drive, and biting cold, but the roads were bare most of the way so the drive was reasonable.

So I finally got my ring back, it fits much better now that it is 1/2 size smaller. They also cleaned it and buffed out the scratch I had put into it. I am relieved to have it back.

Morals to this story:

1) Winter sucks and often changes your plans
2) Leave 2 phone numbers or obsessively check voicemail

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