Wednesday, February 14, 2007


A happy valentine's day to you all, if you choose to have one, or if you choose to ignore it, happy wednesday. I received a dozen red roses today (my favorite) from John. Thanks :)

A large storm is coming our way today, so tonight for me will be spent at home, avoiding the storm and chatting with John. Pretty much a usual evening. We'll go out for dinner next week when I'm in SoCal.

An update on my car: I happened to be talking to one of my co-workers in PEI yesterday and mentioned how I wasn't looking forward to paying in the $400 range to fix it while only having a few months left on the lease. He mentioned that he had a local supplier who sells a cheaper version of the part I need, sort of the no-name brand of part, with a 1 year warranty. Since I won't have this car a year from now, that makes no difference to me. So, I am able to get the same part for $78 +tax, then take it and just pay the 1h labour for installation. I should end up coming in under $200. That is a huge help in the money department.

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