Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Crush Cream Soda Conspiracy, part 4

I traded emails with someone who works for Pepsi (the bottler of Crush products). The answer is: yes, they do produce two different colors of cream soda. They told me it started this past year. It apparently has been sold in two varieties in Ontario for a while (though some of you have said it's been around here longer as well). She did tell me though that the cans are supposed to have the red variety and the clear is sold in 591mL bottles. Perhaps that plant in Quebec mixed things up.

As I first blogged, I expected this was going to be the answer when I called the 1-800 line. Unfortunately, it seems the conglomerate doesn't bother to inform their call centre employees of things like this. I haven't decided whether or not to call back and discuss the issue further.

This process has left me feeling frustrated. If I had been given the proper information in the first place, I wouldn't have been confused and looking for answers. I should have checked with my Pepsi friend first, I guess.

I do wish, if they are going to continue to put the clear in a can, that it would be labelled "clear". I like to know what I'm getting. Yes, it tastes the same, but I would still like to know. It's purely aesthetics and a personal preference, but I want the red variety.


John said...

This last paragraph is precisely the type of information they need from consumer. Call the person back, give them your ticket number, and let them know that you want the bottles/cans labeled with "Clear." It may not happen, but at least they know the confusion they are causing and can think about it.

Cyn said...

I agree with John on this. If nothing else you will have informed that employee and hopefully they will pass that around to their coworkers. This could save others a whole lot of trouble later if even just a couple employees have the knowledge of what to look for when this question arises.

canadianicewolf said...

I'm glad you got some answers. Did Walmart take the case of pop back? If the cans are suppossed to have the red kind in them and it was clear, then the call center was right when they told you there was a manufacturing isue and that you shouldn't drink it. That got me wondering if Walmart took back the pop that was possible "contaminated"?

mbowman002 said...

I work for Pepsi and that is incorrect we produce both Red and White in 591 and 355 cans, but both are not universally available. There are some areas where the information you received is true, but this is not consistent across the entire country.

mbowman002 said...

The packaging is not determined by Pepsi, but rather the Cadbury Schweppes company. This is definitly an issue for the consumer affairs line at 800-433-2652