Monday, December 10, 2007

Decorated tree

I am feeling a bit better today. I am not the human snot factory that I have been the last few days. I plan on rejoining the rest of the world tomorrow.

I managed to get my decorations up this past weekend, and it's giving me some cheer. Here is a pic of my decorated purple tree:
It wasn't a conscious effort, but it has ended up with ornaments mostly from friends. The topper is an ornament Jenn gave me last year. Chris' penguins are there, as well as a snowman/bell from T-L, a star made by Regan, and the angel cat made by Mare. The elephant and flower are ornaments my mother brought back from Mexico and Bermuda, respectively. There is also a gold engraved ornament from Nana, which one year almost got thrown out with our tree, but was rescued in time, thankfully. Rounding things out is my Daffy ornament with his giant stocking (very Daffy, of course) and John's superhero ornament. Minimal for me, but it works nicely and is great to showcase things given to me by friends. I also put some lights on it; purple ones, of course.