Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sad, but realistic

It's Sunday, and I am still sick. I don't know what has happened to me over the last few years in that when I get a cold, it seems to turn into this giant monster that won't go away. I suppose I am not helping things by not just taking a sick day and resting, but there are things to be done. I am on my own again, and no one else is here to cook meals, do my laundry, and my phone even rang at 10:50pm last night regarding work. Common sense tells me that I need to rest to beat this, but my life is just too busy to be put on hold. I'm doing the best I can.

I made a decision today, one which I am not happy about, but I think it makes the most sense. I am not going to put up outside Christmas lights this year. I seriously debated going outside today to put up what I could without attempting for the gutter I can't reach. When I thought about it in a practical sense, though, I really shouldn't be hanging around outside in the cold while I am still sick. I'm leaving in two weeks, and there's not much point of putting up outside lights at this point. It's stupid, I know, but it just makes me sad. I really enjoy my lights. I regret being lazy earlier in John's visit and not getting them out when it was still a reasonable temperature/snowless outside and he was here to help.

I have the bins out in my living room with my inside lights, so I am going to plow ahead and get those up. I must have some decorations up inside, at the very least. That is one of my favorite parts about Christmas. I am not going to put up everything I usually do, though. I'm not hosting any parties and won't be here through the actual holiday, so I'm just going to put up what I can and what I feel like enjoying. I still have to decorate the purple tree too.

For next year, I vow two things:
1) I will return to having a real tree and look forward to visiting the tree farm with Dad and the family chain saw.
2) John and I will get the outside lights put up in November, on a mild weekend, so that they are in place and ready to turn on when the time comes.

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canadianicewolf said...

I understand your dilemma about the outdoor lights. While they are pretty, they are a whole lotta work and you won't get to truly appreciate them since you'll be gone :( You can always put them up and keep them lit until easter and call them easter lights! :-P

Sorry - a silly mood for a Monday morning!