Friday, December 21, 2007


I am stressed out today.  I didn't sleep well last night due to a nightmare involving someone dying, and I am still feeling kind of disturbed by it this morning.  I have to leave my house for the airport in about 27 hours, and all I have packed are John's presents and a shirt I have to return.  I still need to pack the regular clothes & personal items.  I still need to see my grandfather and install his anti-virus software.  I need to do laundry.  Tonight is Lisa's birthday dinner at Suwanna, which I am looking forward to, but due to the amount of stuff I still have to do, will have to go home right after dinner. 
Tomorrow morning I have to be at my hair appointment for 9:30am.  Dad is now taking me to the airport due to the giant Rubbermaid container of gifts that he needed to send with me to Montreal.  The container is really only half-full, but there was an odd-shaped item for my brother and that container was the only one that would fit things.  I think my mother is a bit disappointed not to be taking me, so I will need to see her before leaving tomorrow.  I can tell she is sad that I'm leaving, but understands that it's only fair that I spend xmas in SoCal this year.  I did actually cry after leaving her house the other night (we had dinner and I opened my gifts).  It's hard to be away from my family at Christmas.  I am trying to switch gears and focus on seeing my husband and my older brother, the two very positive things about this year.  I also don't have to shovel anything or maintain a fire in the stove for the next week... a nice break.
John went out this week and bought a small artificial tree, which he decorated yesterday and Caly has taken to chewing.  John isn't much of a fan of Christmas, so I really appreciate his efforts to make the apartment more festive for me.  I hope Caly hasn't eaten it all by the time I get there.  :P
On another positive note, my younger brother has maintained health and will not be in the hospital over Christmas this year.  He is very excited to be in his own apartment, with his tree, and his health and freedom.  That is the best gift he has gotten this year, and he is very thankful.  I am too, it's good to see him healthier and happy to be so.
I am going to head home for lunch and try and get at least a few more things done/packed in order to take at least a bit of the edge off my stress level.  I know it will all get done, or not, eventually.

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