Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drink crystal update #2

I promptly heard back from Crosby's this afternoon. They told me the information I received was incorrect, and that they do still produce all flavors of crystals. The wholesaler I spoke with earlier is actually a Sobeys company, so that's why they gave me the song & dance about not having it, but they lied about the fact that the company isn't manufacturing it anymore.

Crosby's suggested 3 possible wholesalers in the province who I could contact to see if they stocked the crystals, as he told me these companies did still purchase crystals from them. I picked the closest one, in Moncton, and gave them a call. My first question was whether or not they
sold to the general public, and they said yes. I then inquired about the crystals, and they said they have both flavors in stock. YAY!!!! I got their store hours and thanked them for the info. I then wrote back to Crosby's and thanked them for their info and help, and that the wholesaler would sell to me.

It seems silly that I have to drive to Moncton to purchase something that is manufactured 15 minutes from my house. However, I can get the product right away and not pay any further markup by going through a second store. Since I will likely be buying a case of crystals, it will last me a long time, and I won't have to make the trip repeatedly. Plus, I am often in Moncton for work or to go to Costco.

I am now making plans to see if I can drive to Moncton on Saturday to go to the wholesaler. I realize I could probably have had this solution earlier if I wasn't as accepting as I usually am, but better late than never.

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canadianicewolf said...

I'm impressed that the wholesale place will sell to you directly! Of course, a case at a time helps too!

I'm really surprised that Crosby's just wouldn't sell it to you! Oh well, at least they helped!!

Congrats on getting your juice back! :)