Sunday, February 10, 2008

Drink crystal update #3

I drove to Moncton yesterday on my drink crystal mission. I found the wholesaler, Rolly's Wholesale, without any trouble. I walked in, asked for the crystals, and the guy went with me to get them. He commented that I must really like my juice. I chuckled and told him my story, though he didn't seem all that interested. He also said that they had only recently begun stocking the crystals, but that they seemed to be selling a lot of them. A good sign for being able to get more again in the future.

I paid for the boxes and he carried them out to my car. As I was driving away, I said to myself, that doesn't seem like the packaging I saw at the store. The case of crystals at the grocery store was flat and wide. I wonder if I got one great big box full of crystals, not in individual packaging? At my next stop, I popped the trunk, opened one box, and voila: one giant box full of crystals. I laughed. I wanted crystals, I got crystals! It comes with a sheet of paper giving the mixing instructions, thankfully.

With this much product exposed all at once, I didn't think it was a good idea to store the crystals in the box long-term. When I got back to SJ, I stopped and picked up some plastic food containers for a better storage solution. Even though I drink the grape pretty much every day, it will take me a long time to work through all of this. It filled 3 containers, each of which holds 4.3L. That's a lot of crystals.

I ended up not buying enough containers, so I still have to get a couple more and do the orange crystals. I'll look after that when I get back from my trip. I may even find some different/better containers.

I mixed up a batch according to the directions on the sheet, but they do caution that you should add more or less mix, according to taste. My first batch needed a bit more mix, but it's ok for now. Next time, I think I will up the mix to 3/4 cup instead of 2/3. That seems closer to the amounts found in the individual envelopes.

So the crystals have been procured, and I'm happy to have the much better-tasting grape back again.


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Lisa said...

Ha! That is a lot of juice crystals. :)

Cyn said...

LOL In light of the possibility of never having grape crystals again I say there can never be too many of those crystals! LOL :)