Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Day

Apparently yesterday was a holiday in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario: "Family Day". Basically an excuse to have a day off between New Year's and Easter, and it coincides with Presidents' Day in the US. Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day. For the rest of the country (BC, Que, Atlantic), it was business as usual.

My first thought is that the name of the holiday is lame. There was discussion for quite a while on having a national holiday around February, but I thought it was intended to be Prime Ministers' Day (similar to the thought behind Presidents' Day). I don't think having an extra day off will really allow all families to spend more time together. People have Good Friday off and don't recognize Christ's death and sacrifices, so I guess it ends up equal in that respect.

What really peeves me is that Ontario made this a provincial statutory holiday, yet they don't have a stat for Remembrance Day (Nov 11, Veterans' Day in the US). Every day should be "family day". Why doesn't Ontario care to recognize the efforts of the people who fought for our freedom through a paid holiday and the closing of businesses to allow for a time of reflection?

If Family Day encourages some families to spend more time together, great. I'm not discouraging the thought behind the "holiday". However, I think Ontario doesn't have its priorities in order. We may not have our current families if it weren't for the sacrifices made on behalf of those who fought for our country. In my mind, giving thanks and remembering the efforts of others is more important than designating a day for families, when that should already be an everyday focus.

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Cyn said...

I wholeheartedly agree.

And the first Remembrance Day I was in Hamilton was a source of much head shaking, disgust, and even a call from my boss wondering where I was that morning! Um dude I'm downtown at the ceremony - which I found absolutely unattended except for vets. Not even the mayor was there! On the bus ride to the ceremony was when I realized um... it's not a day off there. Geez. :(