Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tai Chi update

I started Tai Chi beginner class this past Tuesday night. It is a class of about 9 students, and I am the youngest there by about 15 years. I missed only one week, which is good because I thought I had missed two. Since I had also attended the session at the Museum, I wasn't as far behind as I could have been.

I haven't totally formed an opinion yet on whether or not I "love" it. I am neutral, but it is still a very early stage. I am going to have to force myself to slow down as I found I was rushing some of the moves. Being high-strung and in need of some relaxation, my automatic reaction is to do things quickly. Hopefully I can learn to slow down, and gain some benefit from a slower pace. I have a need for something to keep me on an even keel, to be less emotional, not as worried.

I also found I was stretching some of the moves further than intended. I think that comes from having done some yoga. Tai Chi is not an activity in which you push your limits of flexibility; it is quite the opposite. I will have to make that adjustment.

I think I will continue through the beginner course and see what comes of it, and whether I want to join the continuing program. I would still really like to join a yoga class, but haven't managed to make it important enough to research where to go/when it is/etc.


John said...

I hope it helps you. You know I'm a fan. The key I always found was, when you think you're going slow enough, reduce by another 33% or so. ;-)

It's all about the breathing and the focus. If you breath slowly and focus on your breathing, you'll slow way down and feel really good when you're done.

Lisa said...

I feel that way whenever I do yoga. Then again, I generally have a hard time getting my brain to shut down (it takes me forever to get into the proper head-space for meditating). I have found, however, that when I run, my body is doing what I require of it but my mind is free to wander. I find it wonderfully relaxing.