Friday, March 10, 2006

Haunted car

I am finally feeling a bit better today. This cold has been a killer on me. I should have stayed home on Tuesday as well as Monday but I didn't. Wednesday I went to Moncton and likely overextended myself. Yesterday I lost my voice and went home at lunchtime, trying as best I could to take phone calls; thankfully I didn't have too many. This morning I wasn't going anywhere at 7am, but after a bit more rest, getting up and unclogging, and then finally getting some of my voice back, I felt well enough to come in to work.

Something happened to my car when I went to Moncton on Wednesday. When you use the turn signal, it makes a ticking noise. When the turn signal goes off, so should the ticking. My car has decided to spontaneously keep ticking as I'm driving down the road. tick..... tick tick tick..... tick tick. No rhyme or reason, it could be any number of ticks, it could be 10 minutes since I last used the turn signal and it will just suddenly start ticking. I have an appointment this afternoon to go and get it checked out.

My car's warranty will soon be expiring. It's up in 3 years or 60,000km. I'm currently at 55,500km and the 3 years will be up at the end of May. I have a 4 year lease, so I will be running on a year with no warranty. I knew that going in, I just hope it doesn't start having a lot of problems. I have a couple of trips coming up for work that may push me over the 60,000km before the end of May. I don't want to have to pay a penalty for being over my mileage at the end of this lease, but it looks like I am heading that way. I wish I had had the foresight to choose the 24,000km/year option instead of 20,000 when I signed this lease. Live and learn, I guess. I'm not sure that I will go for a lease next time. I think I'd like to have a little more freedom with my next car. We'll see.

I took Jenn with me to Moncton on Wednesday and she shopped while I worked. Once I was done work I met up with her and she'd found me a really nice skirt that I could wear to the wedding in April. That, of course, led to the quest of finding something to put with the skirt, which led to finding a dress on sale for $15 that I am now going to wear instead. Still have the skirt, still need something to go with it, but the dress was a great score, with the added bonus of not having to buy new shoes to go with it. Since shoes cost me somewhere in the range of $200, this is a big deal.

Planning on spending a quiet night at home tonight, getting some more rest. Tomorrow night is the Rob Thomas concert, with Anna Nalick as the opening act. Looking forward to that. The tickets I got from work were for our company suite, so we'll be up in the new boxes at Harbour Station. I've only been up in that section once but it was in a different company's suite. It will be interesting to see how a concert is from up there. We're pretty much the furthest from the stage, hope we can still see pretty well. And hey, if not, the tickets were free :)

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