Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm going to Disneyland!

I don't know what it is lately, but time just seems to be flying by. Unfortunately that also includes the weekends, and does not include time between visits with John.

Didn't have much to do last week. Thursday morning I drove to Fredericton and dropped off my passport application. I should have the passport back by the end of the month, so that should be fine. Also did some work while I was there.

Friday night I met up with Jenn, Stew and Joanne for supper at Swiss Chalet. Our server seemed to be caught in the middle of some kind of ordering system malfunction, so our food took a while to be ordered and to be brought to the table. Not too big of a deal though, as we had lots of time before heading uptown for Sight Unseen. Since we had a few extra minutes, we stopped by Old Navy to look for some jeans for Joanne. I found a white tank which I hope will go with the skirt I bought in Moncton. Still need to try the two on together.

Not being a drinker, I didn't really do anything for St. Paddy's Day other than wear green. I didn't mind missing the "festivities" to see Sight Unseen. I really enjoyed the revolving stage, I thought that was excellent. I hope it can be used for other productions as well. Kudos to Scott T on his performance and I kept thinking of Dre every time I looked at the costumes :)

My weekend otherwise consisted of doing laundry, chatting with John, reading, dropping by Zellers for some sale items before the vultures picked it dry, and waiting for my weekend flyers. I was annoyed yesterday - my flyers still hadn't shown up by 9pm last night. Weekend flyer delivery is supposed to be earlier than Sunday night. Cripes, I know people who get their weekend set of flyers on Friday night.

Plans continue for John's move here. It seems like every time we get one answer, it invokes another whole series of questions. John's next step is to call the Canadian Consulate office in LA, whereas I am trying to get a lunch meeting in the Evil City with a friend of a co-worker who works for Immigration. There are so many questions we need to have answered that it is almost paralyzing. I just hope we can soon get a plan in place that will at least give us some more direction.

I still don't know whether or not I'll be headed to the Evil City this week. The laptop I am waiting on for repairs has not been fixed yet. Whatever parts they are waiting for seem to be takig a long time. If I don't get the laptop back by tomorrow, I'll have to delay the trip until next week. Not that I am itching to go to the Evil City anyway.

On the trip front, my second day in SoCal has been reserved for a trip to Disneyland. John's sister will be home for a visit, so I will get to meet her and her family, as well as see his mom again. I didn't make it to Disneyland last time I was down, so it will be interesting to see. John says I will find it a lot smaller than Disney World, but it doesn't matter, really, since I get to go around saying "I'm going to Disneyland!" like I just won something :) After a day at Disneyland, the plan is to meet up with John after he finishes work and go to Medieval Times for dinner. I've driven past that many times while in Florida, but we never went to it, so I think it will be fun. My only concern about the day is being able to stay awake. I hope I can adjust a bit more quickly this time. I don't want to pass out in my plate of food during the jousting :)

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Cyn said...

Sounds like a crazy week and it's already Monday! Whew! I was wondering on my way home actually about Wednesday. Good to know. (: Keep me posted.

And Disneyland? Wahoo! Yay!!!