Monday, March 12, 2007

Another weekend down

I had a reasonably good weekend. It began Friday night when Jay came over. We had some Chinese food and watched Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. Decent movie, seemed like a bit of a different vein for Hitch, but the best part was watching the special features after the movie. I think I got much more out of certain aspects of the movie after having the extra commentary. Later that evening I had my usual Friday night phone call with John.

Saturday I slept in. I decided with the impending rain that I had better clean out the snow that had been gathering at my basement door, and also clean off parts of the deck so I could walk down to the compost bin. Unfortunately, that meant some strenuous shoveling because there were a couple of layers of snow and ice to get through. Took me a while, but I managed to get most of it cleared away and it was likely a good thing that I did. I didn't end up having any flooding problems this weekend, so that was good. Dad found a sump pump that he thinks will be good for the basement, so that needs to be ordered & installed. With the weather warming up, I'm going to have to keep an eye on things down there.

Going through 2 layers of ice pretty much wore me out, so I crashed on the couch after that. Went to church, and then afterward ran around picking up some groceries for my mother. She's been pretty sick with strep throat and hasn't been able to leave the house in a week. She also had to cancel her trip to Montreal to see my brother, SIL and nephew because she's nowhere near well enough to travel yet. I hope she can reschedule and get to Montreal at another time.

Sunday was a better day than I expected. I had to go in to work at 1pm to help install a piece of equipment. I wasn't convinced that it would work, but it worked on the first try and I was done within half an hour. I made a couple of catch-up phone calls after I got home. My grandfather called around supper time asking if I would go out and bring him some food, which I did. He's still not feeling that well. I think we'll have to start getting someone in to cook meals for him. Sunday night T-L dropped by to chat and give me a card. It was nice to see her, we hadn't chatted in quite a while. Later, I chatted and then phoned John. Can't wait until he arrives on Friday.

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