Thursday, March 22, 2007


My boss called me over to his office and did a quick performance review on Tuesday. I was given a raise (first in two years, other than cost of living adjustments) and a bonus. That was nice to hear/get. Need that extra money for immigration costs and wedding.

I went to see my eye doctor about the return of Creepy Red Eye, aka episcleritis. Since it's idiopathic, it's hard to tell what is causing it, so they can only treat the reaction. I have drops to use 4x a day for the week. If it reoccurs again, I will have to go see my doctor and be tested for a bunch of possible diseases, most commonly rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. It could also just be that my eyes freak out and get inflamed sometimes, and it's not indicative of anything. I really hope that is the case.

I keep getting wrong numbers on my landline at home. Most of them have been from some dopey guy looking for "Squirrel". How many times will it take him to realize he's repeatedly calling the same wrong number? This morning at 6:20, it was a call from another wrong number. I said hello 2-3 times. Upon realizing I wasn't who they wanted, held the phone away from their mouth and said "Oh shit, I called the wrong number" and hung up. Jackass. You could have at least apologized for waking two people up. GRRRRRR! Another particularly annoying caller shows up as "Unknown" and then hangs up as soon as the phone is answered.

On top of all of these wrong numbers are the numerous 800 lines that are telemarketing calls. I don't understand why they are allowed to block their name. If you're calling on behalf of someone, you shouldn't be allowed to block your name from the caller ID.


Cyn said...

Don't ya hate that nonsense!!! J has had this number for YEARS and I frequently get to speak to this chick who usually ends up screaming at me about how it IS the number she wants to call and how I'm preventing her from speaking to the right person. Usually ends in me just hanging up.
Also, there's a machine that has called every friggin' day of the last 2 and a half yrs for J. No indication who they are and the *69 gives the area code only. I've *57'ed and the number is not traceable! Effin' brilliant!! AHHH!!! We've tried calling back the number left in the message and it goes to IVR hell and eventually hangs up on us.

I feel your pain!

scum said...

Do what we do... Stop answering the phone. :)

Of course, the harrassing phone calls from the colelction agency asking for SIN prompted us to change our number once. Also why we don't have names on our voicemail anymore.

Rosyphant said...

Congrats on the raise; glad to see someone is taking note of your good work.

I've taken a cue from Stew in the past few years that answering the phone is optional. If its important they'll leave a message or call back. It used to drive me nuts not to know who called, but so often now it is telemarketing that I'm no longer that curious.

But at 6:20 am I would have answered too, early morning or late evening calls make me think something is wrong.

liz said...

I have been ignoring the phone a lot more than I used to. I'm not sure why I've been picking it up the last couple of weeks when I don't recognize the number.

I hate late night/early morning phone calls. My first instinct is that someone is dead or had an accident. If it's a wrong number, it's hard to get back to sleep after freaking out about what the call might be.

Lisa said...

How frustrating, especially if the person doesn't apologize. I also hate that telemarketers block their phone number and also agree that it shouldn't be allowed. I never answer a number I don't recognize because of that.

Congrats on the raise. ^_^