Monday, March 19, 2007


I had a good weekend this weekend, especially seeing as how I had John here in person instead of via PC.  Makes the relationship a bit easier.
After picking him up at the airport on Friday, we came back home and had lunch.  After lunch, I headed back to work and he went to rest/watch TV.  Friday night we cooked some pork chops for supper and watched an Audrey Hepburn movie, Funny Face (which features the dancing scene recently used in the GAP ad).  I seem to be continuing my feelings toward Audrey Hepburn movies as being meh.  I still have My Fair Lady to watch, which I have never seen, so I will give Audrey yet another chance.  I did like her in Charade with Cary Grant.
Saturday was a lazy day.  We lounged around until heading out for church.  We had dinner at Vito's before the play, then on to see Glass Menagerie.  While I thought the acting was well done, I didn't care much for the story.  I'm looking forward to Cabaret.
Sunday we woke up and went to pick up my Dad & family at the airport.  We dropped by to see my brother and leave him some stuff I'd bought for him in Calais.  Then it was on to lunch at Swiss Chalet, and shopping for some more clothes for John.  His goal is to be able to leave enough clothing here that he won't need to bring any with him on future visits.  On Sunday night, John went with Stew to see 300, and Jenn and I hung out and watched some of my Melrose Place Season 1 DVD.
That was pretty much my weekend.  Simple, but special because I got to spend it with John.

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