Thursday, April 10, 2008


I put a job offer out to a student who I thought was a lock, and he declined the offer. Now I am back at square one with no prospects. I was really disappointed by this news. I am so overwhelmed with things to do at work. I am now starting to get calls from people wondering why I haven't gotten to their issues yet. I'm doing the best that I can, but I feel that shortly that answer won't be good enough. I thought I'd be ok to go on vacation knowing I had a student ready to start when I got back, but now my vacation may hinder my ability to do interviews. This is really stressing me out, but I am just trying to do one thing at a time and get through.

On Tuesday, I had the repairman in to look at the dishwasher. The conclusion is that the motor was blown. To replace it would cost over $500 (parts & labor). Considering the fact that it is 5-6 years old and out of warranty, it doesn't make much sense to sink that much money into it. I've spent yesterday doing some dishwasher shopping. I didn't have as many choices as I thought I might, but I was limited by wanting a stainless steel interior. I think I have settled on the model I want, which will cost $799. Plus extended warranty, delivery, hookup, and removal of old unit, around $1000. Plus HST. This is not a cheap venture. I have been wanting a new dishwasher for a while now, and don't really want to compromise. I'm just going to have to suck it up. At least my tax refund arrived, and that will pay for $500 of it.

I had been anticipating an invitation to a baby shower for my brother & SIL, and it came this week. Unfortunately, this is being held in Montreal. I've looked at my options and my money situation, but I just don't think I can swing it. My plan had been to pay for my mother and I to go up to the shower, since she couldn't swing that on her own. One ticket, after taxes & fees, will cost $405. Double that and I can tell pretty quickly that I can't afford it right now. I can get one points ticket but not two, so I could send my mother up by herself for under $200; I am still debating that. Since it is being held on the long weekend in May, points seats are scarce. I don't really see driving as an option. I don't have any vacation time left, so I would have to leave Friday night and drive at least halfway to make the noon Saturday party. Gas, hotel... probably not much cheaper than a single plane ticket. All of this, plus I'd have to buy a gift. I just don't see how I can do it, especially with the unknown variable of John's moving costs.

I am really disappointed about not being able to go to the shower. I had planned on making it a nice trip for my mother & I, but I wasn't anticipating a broken dishwasher. As much as I hate to make it sound like a choice, I would have to pick a new dishwasher over a trip to Montreal. I'm just really bummed about it.

I went to the ophthalmologist today. Not a disappointment, seeing as how she said I was in good eye health, but no real reason for Creepy Red Eye™. She suggested I call and come back in when the flare-up happens again, which won't be until its usual November time. She said then she could confirm what was happening. She thought it could be caused by the wood stove, since that is around when I start using it for the season, but who knows. The bad part about this appointment was that I had to have eye drops. It's 3.5h later and I am still returning to normal. My pupils were so dilated that I barely had anything other than pupils visible. I had to get someone to drive me home from work because things were still a bit blurry and I wanted to play it safe. I'll have to go pick my car up later tonight.

So it's been a disappointing week thus far. I hope my luck will turn around next week.

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Lisa said...

That's too bad about the student, also, that's redonk that fixing your dishwasher would cost so much. I'd also buy a new one.

Air fare to Montreal, unfortunately, is not cheap. It's too bad that all the seat sales are for TO. :( I paid about $420 for my last trip and $430 for this upcoming one.

I vaguely recall meeting your brother at the wedding. Maybe I could arrange to meet with him when I'm in town next week to give him a shower gift from you?