Monday, April 21, 2008

No rest for the wicked

I realized today that my vacation is not going to be the relaxing, stress-relieving event I was hoping it would be. John found out today that he is losing his job as of April 30. This event opens up a big can of worms. Being unemployed without an answer from the government sucks. I am very concerned about health coverage, so I have started the process of adding him on to my coverage. I hope there are no snarls with that because he's not yet a Canadian resident. At the same time, he can join a health plan for those who are unemployed, but it will be expensive. Something is better than nothing, though, and he must remain covered.

Caly is also having issues. Around 3:30am this morning she started throwing up on the bed. That resulted in us having to get up and change the sheets and blankets. Later in the morning, around 9am, I walked back in the bedroom to discover a big wet spot on the bed. This is the second time recently that that has happened, so we booked an appointment to take her to the vet tomorrow. With her frequent trips to the litter box lately, she may truly have a UTI this time. She has also been throwing up a lot lately. If it is something more serious that requires a lot of money to fix, well... I think you can guess where that might be going.

On the positive side, John is able to spend most of this week with me. He is on paid leave until Thursday, when he has to go back in to do paperwork and find out about his severance package. He had planned to take Friday off as vacation anyway, so effectively he will only work one day this week.

We saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last night, it was a funny movie. I think it is one of those movies that was funny to start with, and will get more funny with repeated watchings. "Oh the weather outside is weather..."


Cyn said...

Sending huge (((hugs))) to both of you. I know neither of you needed this extra concern added. As for the health care, I know many US health care companies offer a transition package when leaving a job for something like 6 months. It's a little known clause in many agreements.

Poor Caly! Sending chin scratches to her!

Lisa said...

Big hugs. Try to remain positive - these things tend to work out in the long run.

Sorry to hear Caly has diabetes - at least that is something that can be treated.

I really want to see 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.' I love Jason Segal. :)