Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley & Ashley

Just bein' Miley

Poor Miley Cyrus. She gets a photo shoot with a famous photog, probably thinks they look great, and then is forced to admit they were embarrassing after other people start freaking out about it. The Today Show this morning had a piece on "how to talk to your kids about those racy Miley Cyrus photos". Personally, I think the pics are artistic, not "racy". Prudish America strikes again -- oooo, a bare back, we can't have that! There's not even a hint of side boob. This isn't "racy".

I will admit that the message is inconsistent. If you're marketing a 15 year old girl to tweens and kids, then this picture really doesn't have any place in that. However, the pictures were taken for Vanity Fair -- an adult magazine. That raises a couple of points: even though that is an adult magazine, in today's media world, you can't guarantee that kids won't see it and ask questions; second, why are they marketing a 15 year old girl to an adult audience? I'm less worried about what kids think when they see her bare back than seeing males of America lusting after "jail bait".

Miley has hit a very high level of fame at a difficult age. She's only 15, but living in Grown Up Land. That's a dangerous combo. I hope her parents can keep her grounded so she doesn't end up like her peers.

Ashley the money-grubber

Ashley Dupre is suing Girls Gone Wild owner Joe Francis for $10M, saying she had a fake ID when she signed her GGW release form. She was only 17 and didn't understand fully what she was doing. I can't believe there would come a day when I would say this, but I have to side with Joe Francis on this one. Signing that release form and appearing in those videos is pretty stupid to begin with.

Life is full of lessons, and this is one she should be forced to learn. Don't tie up the justice system with this stupid lawsuit. You treated yourself as an adult, obtained a fake ID, and made a decision in your life that you now regret. Too damn bad. Why should the taxpayers of America pay for the courts to decide you need more money for showing your boobs in a video? If you were so full of yourself as to circumvent the age requirement (which, hey, maybe is there for a reason) then you don't deserve anything.


Lisa said...

I agree with everything you just said. I made a similar comment on CBC.ca regarding Miley.

John said...

I agree about Miley-- I think this shows American's Puritan attitudes more than it says anything about Miley.

As to Ashley-- since she filmed around 7 videos, of both the flasher and full girl/girl and girl/guy sex types over the course of a week, I think she "knew what she was doing." If I was a judge I would throw it out after a quick look at the fake ID, signed release form, and the number of tapes and time she spent making them.

Plus, I'm not sure she's within the statute of limitation on this. If she was 17 at the time, it has been over 5 and 7 years-- the typical limiters on these types of cases.