Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Return to reality

I returned home to the usual crap. If people actually paid attention to me when I tell them my schedule, perhaps there wouldn't be misunderstandings. I'm tired of being invisible except when someone else thinks there is an "emergency" or when it's convenient for them to use me. That seems to be a common theme in my life: I am invisible until I am of use. Unfortunate, but somehow true at the same time.

Last week was supposed to be a restful vacation, but due to the magnitude of crap that happened, I don't feel all that rested. The good news of John's immigration approval bolstered my spirits but upon returning home, I don't feel like I truly had a "vacation". I'm already starting to feel myself drop back into the apathy that was present when I left. It only took an hour of being back in the office to feel mentally beaten down. The next two days of cold, whipping rain won't do much for my spirits either. I had hoped to get back to regular walking, but may have to wait until the end of the week.

I'm concerned about how expensive this summer is going to be. We will have to pay for John's health expenses while we sit through the 3 month waiting period for Medicare. I can't add him to my group health insurance at work because they also require a 3 month waiting period. Add on the expense of moving and his unemployment and it starts to look pretty scary. I've got to start thinking about what I can cut back on.

I also need to start cleaning things up and making room for John in the house. I can start that by making some room to get organized and getting the patio furniture out for the season, but I was hoping to use a power washer on the deck and house, so it would be best if I did that before putting the furniture out. I need to fire up the BBQ and check on how well it's working. Last time I used it, I remember thinking the burner wasn't long for this world. I would love to have a new BBQ, but a replacement burner may have to do for now, if necessary.

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Lisa said...

Keep your chin up Liz. *hugs*