Wednesday, April 16, 2008

High, then low

Last week ended on a high note. I managed to find the best deal I could on a dishwasher by calling Lounsburys in Moncton. Not only would they price-match, they also threw in the stemware holder/cup shelf for free, and they had the dishwasher in stock -- no waiting. I asked Dad if he could drive me up to get it, and he helped me install it. It's working great so far, dishes seem to be much cleaner, and I can fit larger things in it.

I attended a house party on Saturday night. It was good for the most part, but a bit too much shop talk for my liking. It made me uncomfortable after a while. Once the intoxication reached a certain level, I lost interest and decided to leave. I was tired after having been up early that morning to go to Moncton. I did have a good time though, and played Wii for the first time. The bowling was fun, once I got the hang of how to use the controller.

I can't remember what I did on Sunday. It wasn't much.

I've been reading Dragonfly In Amber. I'm liking it so far, but starting to find the France parts are dragging, so I hope there is some change-up soon. I won't be able to finish it before I leave on Saturday, so I found a paperback copy at United Bookstore. That will save me from dragging the large hardcover from the library with me in my carry-on.

I haven't even unearthed my luggage yet to pack, and I'm running out of time. Work has been hectic this week, my co-worker has been out sick yesterday and today, I've had meetings, trying to set up interviews with more potential summer students... it's been nuts. I still haven't managed to attack what I must get done before going.

Tai Chi has been going well. I find most Tuesday nights I don't feel like dragging myself out to class, but am usually glad I did by the time class is over. It will be easier when I finish beginner and join the continuing class, as I will have more options during the week to pick from for class times. I think I will also enjoy it more when John is here and we can do it together. I will miss one class while I am away next week. Hopefully I can put in some effort to practice over the next two weeks so I don't lose everything I learned so far.

I'm still thinking pretty strongly about wanting to do a yoga class. Not sure if I want to start now, with lots of other things going on, or wait until the fall.

The location of my annual work conference was announced yesterday as being Key Largo, FL. I have never been to the keys, so it will be interesting, providing I can go. My office is moving sometime around August 1, but if that gets delayed, it may run into September so there is a chance I may not be able to make it. Still up in the air for now. The conference finishes up on my birthday, so I know what I'll be doing for my birthday this year. At least there is a banquet that night.

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