Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ward 1 "choices"

If you are one of those people who wants to see Common Council totally cleaned out and replaced with new faces, Ward 1 isn't offering much in the way of choice. Out of the 5 candidates, two are incumbents, two are former councilors who were voted out of council in prior elections for a reason, and one new candidate.

As for the incumbents, I'm meh. I think we need new faces and a fresh perspective. I don't know much about the one new candidate, but he is likely going to get my vote just because he hasn't previously been on one of our many crappy common councils.

I have no use for councilors who were in office 20 years ago and trying to make another run for it. Your time is past, and I think you should have stayed out of the mix. The worst candidate, in the "at large" category, is an 82-year old veteran of council who... well, let's just say he has issues. SJers being the type who vote according to name recognition, this candidate will likely get a slew of votes. Thankfully, last time he ran he missed the cut... barely. SJ doesn't need the "good old days" with councilors from the 80s.

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Lisa said...

No kidding! The current council keeps talking about how we're moving forward, but that's all they've been doing - is talking about it.

I'm really pleased that my ward is comprised of mostly younger candidates. I'm actually really torn as to who I want to vote for, which is good I guess. :)