Sunday, May 25, 2008


Things have been stressful at work, most of which I can't blog about. The part I can blog about is the return of the mice. Last Friday, I found one on a trap in my office just before lunch. I stopped by the office tonight and from the other side of the room, I'm pretty sure I saw something furry and gray in the same spot on the new trap placed there. I wish they would go away and leave me alone. Thank God we're moving offices in a few months and I won't have to deal with that anymore, or at least until the building gets old enough that they sneak in. Since it's brand new construction, I should be safe for a while.

Mice are torture for me after having gone through the Great Mouse Invasion of '04. It's disgusting to have things go through all of your stuff and poop on everything, and I mean everything. My employer is going to have to do something about this situation. There must be some kind of health & safety regulation I can fall back on. I can't keep working in an office where I feel like my skin's crawling all the time.

I don't want people belittling me. You didn't go through what I went through, and I don't want to go through that ever again. You may not understand or agree, but just don't belittle me. It's torture, and I can't handle it anymore.


Cyn said...

Ugh. I would be a basket case with that I think. Ugh ugh ugh. When we were having the ant problem in the other place I was sure they were trying to drive me insane.

I hope the new building gives you some peace of mind without the critters.

Lisa said...

Boo-urns to mice. Any mice I've ever seen are usually taken care of pretty quickly by the kitties. I hope they do something about them soon!