Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I finally managed to win out over the circular needles and I think I now have it under control. I ripped out the half job I started on the straight needles and rolled up the yarn to use later. I'm glad I went back and gave the circulars another try. It will look much nicer knit as all one piece.

I need to get more progress on weeding down my closet. I pared it down quite a bit, so I thought based on having 2 full bags to donate. However, the closet still seems to be full. I need to make room for my husband, so I am going to have to do another round. I may need reinforcements to help me, as I have a hard time getting rid of clothing that I "might need".

Lisa's truck loading is tomorrow night, so I will be heading over there to help and see her for the last time in a while. I hate goodbyes. I hope I don't cry too much!

Work was finally better today, I think in part because I got out of the office. I think I am in need of a road trip soon, get away from my office, see some colleagues in person, reconnect with the people I support. I realized today that I hadn't been to the store on the East side in so long that I had never met an employee who started months ago. I'm spending too much time at my desk, and sometimes I lose touch with that world. Some road tripping may do me and my colleagues good.

This winter, and so far spring, I found myself slipping into a state of apathy and laziness which has resulted in my house being more slobby than normal. I don't seem to want to get anything done. I hope I pull out of that soon, because the place can really use a cleaning. Maybe I can put a push on for that this weekend, seeing as how it's now going to rain.

I ended my phone call with John early tonight because of a couple of trips to the bathroom. I sat down at the PC to wait for the next wave, but seeing as how I've been here for a bit now, I guess I'm through it.

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Liza said...

I'm so glad that the circular needles are working out! The first couple of inches are usually a pain, but they are easier to use in the long run.

Happy to have you as a member of the ennui club: people who don't seem to have the energy or enthusiasm to do much of anything these days. Don't know what's going on, but we aren't the only 2 who are coasting through life right now.

Take care and hope to check on the knitting in person!