Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ring. Knock. Knock. Ring.

Go away. I'm not answering the door. I know you're a kid because I saw the bicycle helmet bob through my front walk. That means you're peddling something, and I don't want to buy. Get the hint and stop ringing and knocking.


Cyn said...

Likely true. Unless perhaps his friend is laying bloodied and bruised somewhere and they need help so he picked a random house. :)

Liza said...

In California, a kid ringing the bell is the front man for the gang waiting just out of sight that is going to become a home invasion robbery--often with fatalities if the homeowner opens the door.

If you want to open the door, do so; however, I'm one of those who just doesn't want to see who's there all the time -- so I agree with Liz: GO AWAY!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wanted to let you know your front steps are on fire.

Friendly Kid

liz said...

Seeing as how there is a distinct difference in urgency of knocking when an emergency is occurring, I deemed it to be a kid peddling something.

Of course I would have answered the door if the situation seemed to warrant it.

This happened both days this weekend. I didn't actually see the person on the second day as I was in the back of the house. I've recently been caught by Mormons as well, and I just don't feel like having another conversation with them where they just won't leave.

My house, my choice. If it's that important, they'll leave me a note.