Thursday, September 08, 2005

A better day today

Feeling a lot fewer urges to kill today, which is good.

I was supposed to go to a movie with Jenn last night, but she had to cancel and I also had a staff meeting to attend that had the potential to run overtime. By the end of the staff meeting, I was so exhausted that I decided I wouldn't stay late and get a bit more work done. I went home, did a few things around the house, and was in bed shortly after 8pm. Slept on & off, but for the most part got about 10h of solid sleep, and boy did I ever need it.

So far today has been relatively calm. I feel better, and there are also fewer crazy problems popping up. [knock on wood]

Tonight I am headed to supper with Cyn, who is in town this week. She still hasn't seen my house, so I am looking forward to giving her the 50 cent tour.

From yesterday's rantings and ravings about my neighbor, you should have been able to guess that they have begun the installation of the lawn. The landscaper showed up yesterday morning and began dumping the topsoil and preparing for the hydroseeding. Dad called in the afternoon with some news about how the original builder of my house apparently buried stumps and other crap underground, and that was preventing water from draining properly, so he called to suggest I let them fix it now rather than get into trouble later, and I most certainly agreed to that. By the time I left this morning, they were already in my yard working away again. So things are moving right along on my lawn, and while I really won't see any of the positives until next spring, at least I will have a full spring/summer next year to enjoy it. With the weather a little cooler (and hopefully more wet) this month, that should also help prevent my lawn from burning out until the snow/cold hits.

I really do appreciate the offers of help from 2 blog entries ago, and I may be taking you guys up on some help painting the porch. It does need to be done before winter, perhaps once I get back from Tucson. Speaking of which, I leave a week from today. Time flies when you're having fun (and even when you're not.)

On tap for this weekend will be my return to karaoke, since I had to miss last week. Need to brush up if I have any hope of checking out the Margarita Bay club (which has karaoke EVERY night, btw - Jenn, can you imagine? Even that would be too much for us though!!) So no 80s bar for me this year, but I will substitute with karaoke.

Lunchtime for me, so I will eat, go for a walk, and hope the rest of the day brings a comparable level of calmness as this morning.


Joanne said...

I hope the rest of your day went as well as your morning :)

mare said...

all karaoke, all the time? get jenn the address! :) ok, lisa too.

liz said...

I wonder if they have "regulars" who are there every night?

spirtswoosh said...

umm okay I admit it, when I lived elsewhere I went to a karaoke place 6 nights a week. It felt like Cheers.

mare said...


you'd get up to sing and they'd be all "nooooorrrrrrmmmmmm!" and then you'd say "uh, that's not my name."


spirtswoosh said...

you've been there, great.

spirtswoosh said...

I meant you must have seen me there. They all would scream out a name, never the same name though. Weird.

Lisa said...

Mmm... karaoke bar... :-P Careful you don't slip in the puddle of drool that has just formed around me. ^_^

Okay, that's it! I need investors so I can open my own karaoke bar. All karaoke, all the time! Donations also accepted. :-P