Friday, September 16, 2005

Enquiring minds want to know

So yes, I am in Tucson, AZ. It's 9:40pm (1:40am Atlantic) and my eyes are glazing over from being so tired, but I know you people will be sending me a zillion emails if I don't talk about my first day here.

Got up at 3:30am to go to the airport. Stupid AC ticket agent said I needed to get Tucson boarding pass in Denver, whereas my co-worker got her pass from another agent 2 seats away. Apparently not all ticketing agents are the same.

In Toronto I got searched, love having them go through all of my delicates. Great.

Managed to sleep on most of the flights, except the Denver-Tucson flight because I wanted to see the Grand Canyon, which I did. It doesn't look quite as grand from that far up but I am sure that it is in person.

Checked in at the hotel, pretty swanky. Will take some pics tomorrow. My room overlooks either one of the greens of the golf course or a practice green, I didn't look at it long enough to see.

[when are you going to get to the part about the date, already????] Ok, ok!

We met up around 4:30, he picked me up at the hotel and we headed to Olive Garden for dinner. Both a little too nervous to eat all of our meals, but we had a great time talking and laughing. I think I made the table next to us glance over at my sometimes-loud laughter. Oh well :)

We then decided to get me back to the hotel because it was late and even with naps I'd had a pretty long day. We then proceeded to take every street in North Tucson known to man in order to get back to my resort... if I'd received those maps like I'd ordered, we wouldn't have had that problem... stupid maps!!! Anyway, we had a lot of laughs trying to get out of going around in circles. I had a great time tonight and am looking forward to the rest of the weekend :)

Tomorrow we're heading to Saguaro National Park, where I'll be sure to make numerous Wile E. Coyote references at all the cacti. Karaoke may be in the works for tomorrow night as well... after we get an official map of the city :)


Rosyphant said...

*jenn doing happy dance*
I'm so happy for both of you that it went so well. Keep us posted :)

canadianicewolf said...

*doing my Kermit the Frog Impersonation*:

mare said...

brilliant! excellent news. keep me posted! i'll be in bathurst all weekend but i want an update directly i return.

meanwhile, if you go to karaoke, what are you going to do? "working for the weekend" is a good choice.

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