Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In a state

I am in a state today, just having another one of those days. Started the morning off at work with an unexpected problem, the person who was helping me was also having a rotten day, but we did get the issue figured out. Then another huge problem that was a service provider’s fault. Then mysterious PC problems of a co-worker that suddenly fixed themselves… argh. I didn’t start my regular work until later than I had intended because of firefighting.

At lunch, I came home to see Dad and how the retaining wall was coming along. He had gone out to get more caps, and I thought he was going to get patio stones for the ground by the door as well, from the same place as he got the bricks for the wall, but apparently he didn’t have that same thought. That left me to take a brick down to Home Hardware and try to find something that would complement it. I think I found a decent one, a red, but a bland red as opposed to a bright red. The brick has flecks of red in it, so I think it will work. At this point I don’t care anymore, which is sad to say, but I don’t.

I am tired of making decisions for this house by myself, carrying heavy bricks, trying to decide on landscaping… it’s got me overwhelmed. I love my house, I really do. But the little blonde girl just can’t do it on her own. The deck needs waterseal, the porch should be painted before winter, the lawn is going in on Friday or Monday... the maintenance side of homeownership is not much fun for a short, weak woman. Yeah, I can drive a truck with the best of them. I could even plow my driveway if I needed to. But when it comes to heavy lifting, or tall things, or fixing things, I have problems. I think I am going to have to start calling in favours from my younger brother, who comes over periodically to do his laundry. That will at least take care of the tall things issue.

The fact that I can’t make decisions to save my life only compounds things. Trying to decide on a simple patio stone not only left me frustrated, but I somehow also managed to scrape myself. [sigh]

Had to go back over to my grandfather’s house to work on his PC again tonight. Still didn’t get everything accomplished, nor could I find any problems with it like what my aunt was describing. ARGH! It looks fine to me, and it works when I’m there… as does every PC, apparently.

Had a few errands to do down at the mall, so spent time running around there and finally got home. T-L called and said she had gotten some pics back, and I had a cd for her, so she would drop by after work. Ok, cool. In the meantime, I had gotten some fresh pork chops, and I dug potatoes from the garden while I was at my grandfather’s house, so there’s supper. Started the BBQ, put on the potatoes. Went back to check on it, about to put on pork chop… cold. Great. Out of gas. ARGH. I hate filling the tank, because it is so heavy when it’s full that I can barely carry it. In the end I said screw it, guess I’ll have chips for supper and my pork chop will just be very well marinated for tomorrow night… oh, wait, I have a staff meeting tomorrow for 2h after work... ARGH.

T-L and Van came over, tried to show them the pics off the laptop I had home… wouldn’t load. Come on!

Great, I just ran something for work, and VPN kicked me out. Dammit!!! Have no idea how much it copied, but don’t really feel like copying it again… going to have to wait until tomorrow.

So this has just not been my day. Things are turning against me today, including my stupid tendency of getting cold sores when stressed, so now I both look and feel like a mess. Thankfully tomorrow is another day.


Scott M. said...

I have been threatening to paint your porch for some time now. If you need help with something, just call Mare and you guys can hang out while I do the heavy lifting. If you know what I'm saying.

mare said...

bom-chicka bow bow.

and yeah, it's true, he threatens to paint your porch every time he sees it. and he's handy. if you need help, just call. :)

P-whack said...

You seem pretty frustrated. I'm not sure your probems are all physical though. Just keep in mind that NOTHING is FOREVER. This has been my mantra for the past year and a half.

Brian said...

I am certainly willing to give you a hand around your place, just give me yell.

Lisa said...