Thursday, September 01, 2005

The week of the ex, and other stories

MST Night

Thanks to everyone who attended MST Night last night, brought snacks, and Suzy for the attempt at getting me drunk with boozed-up cheesecake :). Unfortunately the first movie was less exciting than birthday cheesecake so we ended up cutting it short and put The Movie on after the birthday portion of the evening was done, after which people started getting tired and leaving. We just can’t handle that partying on a weeknight like we used to :) Mare and Scott stayed to the end, and we happily quoted along with The Amazing Rando.

It was great to see Shawn, Kristen and baby Jenna, who sat with me for a while. Yes, believe it or not, I do like babies. Just don’t want one of my own right now. She’s a cutie! Looking forward to a couple of people sending me those pics that we snapped of me & the baby.


September is now here and I can hardly believe it. It seems like the year just started, and now all of a sudden we’re starting the 9th month of the year. Even though I am not in school, there is still that sense of “new year” that comes with the fall season. It’s in the air. I have to remember to stay away from Staples the next week or two… I’ve already gotten caught in some nasty lineups of soccer moms with carts full of pencils and paper.

The week of the ex

My interesting week seemed to deal with my exes. I have been in contact recently with one of them, as we are still friends and talk from time to time. That is nothing out of the ordinary. What is out of the ordinary is that two more exes came out of the woodwork this week. I had an email from a friend who has decided to move to the Caribbean for work. One of my exes wrote back to said friend saying he was now engaged and hoped to be married by next year. Interesting that he's finally settling down.

The other close encounter of the ex kind happened on Tuesday. I worked through lunch and decided to leave early and go looking for shoes and dresses for the wedding. I called Jenn, and she joined me uptown. When we were done, she had a bit of time to kill so we sat in Market Square and chatted. I looked up and noticed someone I wanted to avoid (he is a little wacky in the head and doesn't know when to end a conversation) so I said to Jenn let's walk somewhere so we don't get stuck talking to him. So we walked over to Brunswick Square Tims, which is right across from my most recent ex's office building. I wasn't really thinking about that at the time as I was trying to avoid the wacky guy. Jenn and I were chatting away while I was eating coconut donuts, and we were trying to figure out who in our group doesn't like coconut. I was perplexed, and couldn't remember, but said "well, my ex doesn't like coconut". Jenn said "no, it wasn't him I was thinking of" and she just barely got that out of her mouth when guess who walks through the door and makes eye contact with her. Thankfully I decided to sit with my back to the office building entrance, so my record of not seeing my ex in a year remains intact.

Last but not least, after managing to not see that ex on Tuesday, last night I was rummaging around in my office looking for some felt pads for the chair legs, when what pops out at me but a picture of that ex. I thought I had cleaned the place out of pictures of him, either given back to him or shoved in the ex-boyfriend box. Guess I missed one, and it decided to pop out at me last night in revenge for having missed seeing him in person.

I had just finished commenting to a friend of mine that I felt no need to blog about my ex anymore, that it was a waste of time because I had nothing to say. Guess I asked for it!!

I find it very funny, the timing of these ex encounters. I spent my summer professing my "just friends" creed, but now that September is here, I find myself close to a possible new relationship - closer than I wanted to allow myself to get, but my heart often decides to run away faster than my brain can catch up with it. Funny how the exes have popped up now, almost like a test... "Are you sure you've dealt with everything? Are you sure you're ready to move on?" Sure, I felt a little out of sorts after almost running into the most recent ex, as it would have been the first time seeing him since we split, but by the end of Tuesday night after a great conversation with the new person in my life, I forgot it had even happened. I am so much better off now, even if this relationship doesn't work out... but I really hope it does.


I feel like a huge heel today, as it slipped my mind that my grandfather was having surgery. The way it was described to me, it was day surgery and he would be sent home after it was finished. He made it through fine today, but will remain in the hospital until Sunday. This unfortunately means I will have to miss karaoke tomorrow night as I'll be busy with a hospital visit and my aunt is also in from out of town. Sorry Lisa, and Jenn, I won't be able to drive you :( I should be back next week though and ready for some rock chick singing :)


Cyn said...

Holy wowsers! It was the day of ex-sightings yesterday I guess.

I'm really really really hopeful for you on this new bit. I think it's awesome. (:

As for karaoke. Holy crap! Geez! LOL I'm just not meant to hang out with y'all. LOL

liz said...

Well I hope you can make it to T-L's shower!

If not please please please let's do something before you go.

Joanne said...

What?!?! You are going to miss my Birthday Karaoke night??? Ah man :(

Family is definitely more important though :)

Cyn said...

Don't think I'm going to make it to T-L's 'cause Mom & Dad have already made plans for me for tomorrow. Definitely would like to get together though - at least for breakfast or lunch or something if not perhaps a movie sometime through the week. (: And of course I have to see the house!

mare said...

hey, i saw your ex's brother, my ex, in moncton this weekend :) guess it was the week of the ex.