Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Look, jerk

I swear, when I finally do get a "hubby", I am going to send him over to your yard every f***ing time you're out in it, complaining ad nauseum about the City.

I don't care if you got flooded last year - so did I. I'm paying these people to install my lawn, not sit and listen to your stupid sob story. The City is NOT coming back to fix the ditch, they're DONE. Stop running over to my yard every time you see heavy equipment in it. This is my property and it's none of your f***ing business what I do on it.

I am thisclose to putting up a fence to keep your sorry ass out of my face. You drive a truck for a local dry cleaner, why in hell are you home at 2pm anyway? Go to work, jackass!!!!!!!!!


mare said...

plus, did he EVER pick the wrong day to be jackass-y.

liz said...

I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see for sure if it was him or another of the workers, so I didn't want to go over flying into a rage at the wrong person. Had I caught on quickly enough, that idiot would have been the target of my urges to kill today. Lost an opportunity there, dammit!

Cyn said...

Grrrr it just drives me nuts when people are taking up time that is on my clock! Growl

PS Did ya get my email about gettin' together?

Lisa said...

Erg! I would totally put up a fence Liz. That guy is sounds like a total ass. The people behind my parents' house were like that, and up went a fence. Huge difference. They took the hint.