Monday, December 05, 2005

Deck the house

I spent this weekend decking the house. Started with the inside, then finished up on the outside. There are now lights everywhere. I was so tired after I was finished that I didn't feel like putting on my jacket and going outside to see it in the dark. I'll take a look at it tonight after I get home.

Christmas decorating is a lot of work, but I always love the result so much that I can't avoid doing it. I love the glow of the lights and it just seems to bring an extra sense of comfort to the house.

This is the first year I've decorated outside. A modest attempt, but at least I am no longer the only one with no lights. I found my brother yesterday and he came over to help me get the lights higher up on the gutter. I bought some clips and put lights along the porch railing. That's all I will do for now, as that in itself cost $50-60, not to mention the ensuing electricity bill. 'Tis the season!

I'm a big believer in the multi-colored Christmas lights. Personally I think all-white lights are boring. White light is what you have all the other times of the year. Having all one of any color is just not up my alley. The more variety, the more festive. So the sets I bought have 7 different colors (including purple) and I am quite happy with that purchase. While I like the idea of the LED lights, in that they would last longer and cost less to run, they just don't have that twinkle to them. At a time where it's hard enough to get excited about Christmas, I decided to stick with the traditional and go for the standard 7W lights.

The only major decorating item left to do is the tree. No fake trees for me, not if I can help it. Yes, they're messy, but now that I don't have to bring it up a flight of stairs and through an apartment anymore, it's nowhere near as bad. In through the front door and walk a couple of feet, and that's it. And I have a great vacuum system to clean up with afterward. Last year, I went with Dad, stepmother & stepsister to a tree farm at Oak Point and we cut our own trees there. Well, to be accurate, Dad cut them down with the chain saw. It was funny to see a bunch of families out with manual saws having an old-fashioned tree cutting, compared to my Dad, with his chain saw. It seemed quite fitting :)

I get a 3 day work week this week, as I have Thursday and Friday off to fly to Montreal and get ready for the wedding. I'm hoping part of this "getting ready" stuff includes a trip to Costco... I forgot to buy something last time I was there. Tonight is my work xmas party, which is at the Ale House. Tomorrow night I have a spa appointment and then dance class, if I feel like it. Didn't feel like it last week, so I don't know. Wednesday night is packing for the trip. Going to be an interesting suitcase full of good coats & boots - supposed to snow all weekend in Montreal. Or maybe rain. It's kind of hovering. Easier to deal with snow, though, so I hope it snows.

I hope the alterations on my dress turn out ok. I'm not worried about the seamstress, just that I hope I don't need additional alterations. I should be ok though.


mare said...

i'm sure everything will turn out fine with your dress and the wedding.

and yay, christmas lights! how fun! did you see the lights at blue oasis? i totally want those.

i put up my ikea wreath, and have decorated all around the fireplace... but i'm not QUITE done there yet. must go to walmart to get some more decorations when i get paid. for the tree, too. don't know when we're putting up a tree, but we do have a stand!

liz said...

Nope, I am rarely uptown. Do have to be up there the next two evenings, though, so maybe I'll swing by.

That reminds me, I will try and sort through my ornaments and find ones I no longer need and give them to you. I know I have a box of gold balls and a box of silver balls I didn't use last year, so at the very least I'll give you those. I'll see what else I have kicking around.

mare said...

sweet deal! the price is right! :P

canadianicewolf said...

I much prefer the glow of multi-coloured lights to the starkness of all white. I think it's a good choice - why be the same as everyone else in the neighbourhood since the majority of westgate goes with all white! :)

KC said...

Just on the slim chance that your dress is a little off at your fitting, please do insist that the seamstress fix it until it's right.

I actually listened to a seamstress who insisted that "just a few little stitches" added once I was in the getup on the day of the Dawn's wedding would perfect the fit, and no further altering was needed.

Of course, in reality it quickly degenerated into safety pins, relying on the shawl a lot and, comically, giving the best man a real eyeful - I finally gave up and changed clothes right after the bouquet toss.

It's an expensive bit of clothing - worth the extra effort!
:) Kelly

scum said...

You should see the two families that live across from each other on the peninsula side of the ferry...

They're OBVIOUSLY trying to outdo each other. The inflatable things and lights on every single tree are a little excessive.

mare said...

you should see the 2 story inflatable snowman out cedar point. *yeesh*

hey, if i'm not talking to you, have fun in montreal. if you could bring me back older brother's mailing address so i can send them a card (and fiancees last name) i would also appreciate! :D