Friday, December 30, 2005

Pink Panther

Why. Why did they remake this movie. I am huge fan of the original movies. I saw the trailer last night. Agonizing. Heartbreaking. Stupid.
  1. Why did they cast Steve Martin (who I generally like) as Clouseau. Peter Sellers is irreplaceable. He really is. Part of the joke of the original movies is that the lead actor is a Brit playing a Frenchman. An American trying to be a unintelligible Frenchman (and failing at it) is not funny. It's just sad.
  2. The physical comedy seems incredibly forced. Sellers was great at making things seem unscripted. The trailer for this movie just looks like another yawn-fest of scripted physical comedy.
  3. Kevin Kline. Barely seen in the trailer. How can he compare to Herbert Lom? He looks too much like Steve Martin, with different colored hair. Dreyfus doesn't have a moustache. And Dreyfus' trademark twitch - how is that going to come off?
  4. Where's Cato? Instead they put a gendarme with Clouseau (Jean Reno) and do the whole attack thing between those two. No Cato? Come on!
  5. Beyonce? Enough said.
  6. The Pink Panther diamond is not diamond-shaped and does not come on a ring. It's oval-shaped.
  7. The movie's original release date got pushed way back to Feb. 10th. Hmmm, wonder if the studio has any faith in it? Don't think so.
I can't go see this movie. Instead I will sit at home with my box set of the originals and enjoy them as always.

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