Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time gets sucked away again

So now it's Wednesday. I still don't have my tree up, and I am throwing a Christmas Party in 2 days. Hmmm.

We took the tree out of the bucket of water in the garage only to re-discover that the trunk needs to be squared off. And that I don't have a saw. I will have to borrow one from Dad tonight when we head to his place for supper. A phone call from Dad last night offered us an invitation to salmon dinner. Not much of one for salmon am I, but John's going to give it a try. I'll have steak instead. We will attempt to get the tree in the house and at least partially decorated tonight after we get back from Dad's. I'd rather just go to bed, I am exhausted but Christmas is a time of endless preparation.

John's been busy knocking items off the to-do list. We need to squeeze in a run to Kent at some point to go and buy a different closet rod so I can finally get that put up in the basement.

I got a couple of things in the mail today. First was the replacement water filter for my fridge, since I have reached 80% used stage, time to reorder. Now I am prepared when it runs out. The other item that came today was a box from John's sister, which we were instructed to open immediately upon receiving it. Inside were 3 games, for various numbers of players. We have yet to crack them open and read exactly what they are all about, but they all look good and interesting. Thanks Mindy!

I went back to the eye doctor yesterday. He said my left eye looked clear, so I don't have to keep treating that anymore. The right eye hadn't improved, so he gave me stronger drops for it. Or should I say ointment. I have to drop ointment into my eye 3 times a day now. It seems to be working better than the last stuff, but since it's an ointment, it's blurring my vision.

My work day started off pretty crappy. I walked into my office and noticed my university diploma, fallen off the wall, and the glass of the frame smashed all over my desk. Apparently one of my co-workers overzealously threw a box of paper on the floor and hit the wall on which the other side was my office. My diploma was on the next wall over, but the force was strong enough that it knocked it off the wall. I was not impressed. I spent half the morning cleaning up tiny shards of glass, without the aid of a vacuum. The only vacuum we have in the office does not have attachments. Thankfully the diploma itself was only nicked in a couple of places, so it looks ok.

I paid $10,000 for that piece of paper. I don't want anything happening to it.


Lisa said...


I hear you! We just got our tree last night, so I'll be decorating it tonight as part of my Yule celebrations. :P I still have some gifts to get even; gotta love the holidays. ^_^

mare said...

i still haven't redecorated the tree, maybe i'll do that tonight... or maybe tomorrow... *sigh*

Chris L said...

We went to get a tree, something I've skipped the last few years, but with a 7yo girl skipping the tree isn't really an option. She insisted on getting the flocking, artificial snow for Canadians, which falls off the tree and makes a mess everywhere.

I haven't done as well with the house lights. I've lost some points with Mer on that one. Maybe I'll get them up Saturday morning. It doesn't really seem worth it at this point, but again I don't know that I have a choice.