Friday, December 02, 2005


I have a Looney Tunes Screensaver, made by After Dark/Berkeley Systems. Worked on Win 3.1 and my ancient Mac (OS 7.5).

Is there any way I can get this to work on my now WinXP machine? Emulator? Something? I LOVED this screen saver. I still have the CDROM, but it seems to be useless to me now.

Anyone have any ideas?


John said...

In XP there is a right-click option to run in Win 95 mode, but I think that is as far "down" as XP will go.

Find the EXE and right-click. Select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. Play with the Compatibility mode and Display settings and see if you can't make it work.

And we might be able to find you a new Looney Toons screen saver. I'm sure they have new ones for higher OSs.

liz said...

I have tried the windows compatibility stuff but to no avail.

Scott M. said...

Depending on what the format was of the old screen saver, it could be converted to whatever the current one is.

Cyn said...

Try searching around You might be surprised and find it in a newer format there. I've found some great ones that I thought I'd left behind in the dust of older windows versions and someone had reformatted them.

Micah White said...


Windows XP does not support emulation of windows 3.x apps (old old windows).

However, programs like Virtual PC 2004, etc do emulate windows 3.x, if you really really wanted to use your CD ROM , this could work.

Bochs x86 is another program that emualate old 16 bit windows O/S/


For The Loft Report, I'm Pete Jones. said...

Micah, whem you said,"if you really really wanted to use your CD ROM , this could work"... What's the other option other than CDRom? ...unless you meant just install it on the C:/ ?