Monday, December 05, 2005


I just got billed for a product I bought for work. The company sent me the bill, and at the top it says:


The word invoice is in quotes. WHY? Is it only pretending to be an invoice? Does this company really refer to it as something else, but are putting it into terminology their customers can understand? I thought the word invoice was a pretty universal term.

I think I should send them back a "cheque" for the "payment" of this "invoice."


scum said...

They wouldn't get it (by which I mean, understand)... You should call them and ask when you're going to get the REAL invoice... Then explain why you had to ask.
It's probably something their software does automatically and they don't even know how to change.
Course, that's a lot of work for someone you only buy from rarely or occasionally.

KC said...

It could be worse... they could have sent you two "INVOICE'S".

Then you'd have to call in Bob the Angry Flower, and you know how Bob gets when he's angry.

:) Kelly

liz said...

Yes, that would have been worse. Much, much worse.

I love Bob The Angry Flower! He rants well. :)

Lisa said...