Monday, January 21, 2008

Going too fast

Things are going just a little too fast at work today.  I am trying to slow things down to my pace so I can not get too overwhelmed, but it's hard.
I am wearing slippers in the office today.  I look silly, but it doesn't crunch my sore foot, so I don't care.  I was supposed to try and get the x-ray done today, but got called into a meeting so I cancelled my x-ray plans.  I'll try for tomorrow, but it is supposed to snow.  Wednesday at the latest.  In the end, it really doesn't matter when I get it done, seeing as how it won't change the healing process and I won't get the results for 5 weeks.
I have to work late tonight, but I think I will go home and start the stove before starting the night shift.  At least then when I do arrive home later, it won't be too cold inside.  It takes a long time for the stove to heat the house.  I really need to get one of those Eco fans, which sit on the top of the woodstove and help to distribute the heat.  Luckily they're on sale at Canadian Tire this week.
I'm weary.  I'm really looking forward to my vacation, but am afraid that I'll get pounded with work questions even while away.  I won't even have a full week's worth of vacation.  It will be nice when I can finally take a week off, that doesn't involve travel or neglecting John, and just relax.  It's been a long time since I did that.

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