Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An important day

I mailed John's immigration application today. It was close to 2cm thick by the time I attached all the supporting documentation, and yet I am still worried it might not be enough. I think that is just me being nervous about it more than anything.

This has been a long process. It began with our civil wedding, almost a year ago now. At the time, we didn't realize it was going to take so much longer to gather all of the information needed. We spent the following months filling out forms, planning our church wedding, getting medical exams, fingerprints, state and federal police clearance certificates, 2 sets of photos, printing out every ticket for flights to see each other, and photocopying numerous documents.

It's out of our hands now. It is taking, on average, about 30 days for sponsorship to be processed/approved. After that is successful, the application gets sent to Buffalo to review John's case for permanent residency. That will take an undetermined number of months.

Wish us luck.


Lisa said...

Good luck! Consider my fingers crossed!

Chris Walsh said...

Woohoo! Good luck! I hope everything goes well, and speedily.

Suzy said...

Best of luck to you both!!

Cyn said...

YAY!!! Here's hoping this moves along quickly. :) Maybe there's hope I'll meet him yet. hehe!