Thursday, January 24, 2008

x-actly what I x-pected

Yesterday, I went to the hospital for my blood work (to see if we can figure out why I keep getting Creepy Red Eye™) and the x-ray on my foot. Mum picked me up and took me to the hospital so that I wouldn't have to walk the long distance between the parking lot and the front door on a bad foot. My number was called, and I handed them my new Medicare card with my new last name on it. The clerk asked if my address or any of my contact info had changed, I said no, thinking that it was linked to the Medicare database, and I had just updated all of my info when I changed my name.

I then proceeded to blood work, where they couldn't find my name in the list. The registration clerk didn't compare my name in the computer to the card, and thus didn't make that change. Nor is the Medicare database connected to the hospital database. I had to go back through the registration area and wait again to see a clerk so I could get my name changed. I got in to another agent, explained the problem, and then they questioned me on why my mother was still listed as next of kin vs my new husband. I explained that he doesn't live with me yet, of course I got the strange looks until I explained he was American. Not really any of their business, but things tend to come out of my mouth before I realize they don't need to know.

I went back to blood work and was in luck, as the nurse practitioner who is really talented at taking blood was working. Mum requested I specifically get that nurse. She always finds my hard-to-find veins and uses the smallest needle possible so I don't have a horrible experience (as I have had in the past, where they dig through my arm looking for veins, *shiver). That was no problem, and I didn't get woozy. I nearly passed out the first time I had blood work done, though not fully. My younger brother passed out one time, and due to the leather recliners, slid off the chair and across the room, LOL.

I then went to x-ray. The technician who came to get me was a younger guy, and I think he was happy to see someone around his own age. He took 3 pics of my foot in different positions while I got to lay on the metal "bed". He then called in another x-ray tech to look at something. The other guy asked if I had had any previous x-rays done in the past; I said no. They decided to take one more pic from a different angle. I'm guessing from the consultation that I am either hideously deformed or they couldn't see anything obviously wrong. My mother's opinion is that it is a hairline fracture and thus difficult to see. They wouldn't tell me anything, of course, so I still have to wait until the end of February to find out.


Lisa said...

Hmm... I hope they figure it out, and that it doesn't take too long to get back to you.

Cyn said...

Such craziness with registration!

In the past when I've actually had a break I've found out within a week or so. Sometimes X-ray will call you directly and ask you to come to the emerg. I've also had then schedule an appt to the ortho clinic within the next couple days. It's only been when I've not had anything visible via normal xray that it has ever taken anywhere near 5-6 weeks for my dr to hear anything. Also, if you make an appt within about 2 weeks your dr can call to find out what is in your chart at the hospital and your radiology report SHOULD be there. This last part can take some haggling with your family dr though 'cause they really don't like to do that. :) I would say that no news is good news.

Then again, I did once find out 3 yrs after the fact that I'd broken my ankle. :) Nobody felt the need to tell me! I'd been told if I didn't hear within a couple days to assume it was a sprain and go about business as usual. Almost 3 yrs later I was getting copies of my file (to take to Ottawa actually!) and there it was. I kinda flipped at my dr. :) She's no longer a family dr though.

I'd start calling your dr every 2nd to 3rd day (after 2 weeks) until you have an answer that she has the report. Squeaky wheel definitely gets the grease where xrays are concerned. Also, ask to see the report. Sometimes drs kind of gloss over them as ehn nothing is wrong when there is something minor that's an issue - ie minor pulled ligament, etc.