Sunday, July 24, 2005

August Approacheth

As I sit here on July 24, I realize it is already July 24th. July is one of those months that I always look forward to arriving, but it zips by so quickly that I barely know it's been here. July is traditionally the best month for weather in SJ, with August brings the start of the cooler breezes and you can feel the fall coming. So I still have one more week to bask in July glory. From my office.

Looking ahead to August, it appears I will be having a very busy month. The luau is 2 weeks away now (invitations will be sent by email in the next couple of days) and we need to get some details worked out for that. There are also 2 theatre events I'll be happy to go see, with friends in each event: Theatre On The Edge and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I have the Portland shopping trip scheduled as my first official vacation of the summer (oooo, 3 days, you rebel you!). Shawn G is coming home and we'll be planning a MST Night in there as well. And that's just my personal life - I have a huge work project that I need to complete by the end of August, so there can be a couple of weeks in September to work out the kinks before I leave for Tucson.

Right about now I would kill to just take a week off and do nothing except things around the house. The Blue Room is a mess, and has been since I moved in here. Still could use some organization in my basement. Would love to sit and devour the stack of books I have yet to read. Just relax and take it easy and do a few projects. I used to take those types of vacations, as I have never been much of one who likes being away from home. Lately I find myself feeling guilty for even the thought of that kind of vacation.

Our vacation period at work runs from June 1-May 31, and I have 15 days I can take off. I'm taking 3 for Portland, and 3 for U2 in November. I have some time booked off between xmas and New Year's which I may or may not take, depending on whether I am home or not for xmas. I also have my older brother's upcoming wedding to consider, and I will need time off for that, which could be as early as this December. The days get eaten up fairly quickly, and you never know what might come up fairly last-minute that you wish you still had extra days off for (like the trip to Florida for house decorating). I am also in a position now at work where if I can be reached, I will be reached... not sure how taking a week off to be at home would truly be a week off.

I long for those days off to do "nothing", but I don't think they'll be around anytime in the near future. Some may say I need to make myself do it, if it's that important to me. I guess it's something to think about.


Joanne said...

Mmm a week to stay home and putter around the house. Lets see, you could tell work you are going to a secret location for your vacation and then just turn off cell phone ;)

Lisa said...

I was going to suggest the same thing; just turn off the phone! ^_^ Maybe you don't even need a full week; just a couple days in the middle of the week (like a Tuesday and Wednesday) might make you feel like you've indulged.

I would kill for a day off in the middle of the week, let me tell you!

Shawn said...

Looking forward to MST night!! I will definately post the movies tonight so you can take a peek and tell me what you do and do not have, K? Take care!


Cyn said...

I'll be heading up on the 1st of September and likely staying until the following weekend. Can't wait to visit! This time I have absolutely nothing planned so hopefully I'll be able to get in a visit even if it's just meeting up for lunch or something like that if there isn't an MST night.

Surly Canuck said...

And if it's okay with you, can you add a house-guest for a couple of days in there too? =)

Surly Canuck said...

I swear, I'll mow your weeds or paint your deck or something. =)