Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kick. Ass.

Got my car detailed today. Looks like a million bucks! Thankfully didn't cost me a million bucks (but wasn't cheap, even with my discount).

It feels brand new though, it is so clean. Gone are the signs of winter, the salty, dirty carpets. No more dusty dash. No more dirty windshield - on the inside.

I love my moonroof, have I mentioned that? The best thing I ever did was finally get a car with one in it. Great in the summer, and allows the sunshine in on a cold winter day. I never pull the shade shut.

Now if it will just spontaneously heal itself from the time I whacked the front end against a really high curb at A&W, I'll be all set. Not looking forward to paying for that little boo-boo. You can actually barely notice it until you're up close - scratches all along the bottom of the front bumper and a crack in the bumper behind the license plate. Already I have dropped a printer on it, gotten rear-ended, and had mysterious dent appear back in May when I was in Moncton. It attracts its share of damage, and being a lease, I have to make sure the stuff gets fixed. Since the front end is plastic and won't rust, I am delaying the repairs on it until just before I return it. I have a bad habit of whacking the air dam due to the fact that it is so low, so inevitably if I get the front fixed now, I'll have to do it again before I return the car.

This is actually the second of this car that I've had. I got this one 2 years ago, before that I had the exact same car, in silver, for 3 years. I liked this car enough to get it twice. It "corners like it's on rails" as they say in Pretty Woman. It has a lot of power on the highway. I can easily do 140km/h without noticing. Actually I have to use cruise control to make sure I'm not going too fast :S


Shawn said...

Very nice!! Could use some of that work on my car!

BTW, newbie question here: How do you get the picture beside your comments? Any help would be appreciated!

liz said...

There's a little "insert picture" icon in the toolbar above the box where you type the body of the blog. It's easy as pie.

Lisa said...

Lookin' good! ^_^

Do you have any plans this weekend?

liz said...

Not really, other than karaoke tonight. What's up?

I am thinking of having a big house-iversary party next Saturday though.

canadianicewolf said...

I'm envious! My truck didn't shine that nice when I got it new!

I think I might ahve rushed in purchasing hat truck. I'm not overly happy with it. I loved it in the winter mind you, but I'm not loving it with gas the price it is!